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Malus domestica
M. pumila

photo © by Mike Plagens

Photographed at Peppersauce Canyon, Sta. Catalina Mts., Pinal Co., Arizona, USA. April 2010.

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LEAVES: Broadly elyptical leaves with serrated margins.

TREE: In Arizona's sycamore woodlands moderately large trees can still be found. Dark, scaly bark.

FLOWERS: Large white flowers with 5 petals and numerous stamens.

RANGE: Among the first habitats in Arizona with permanent human settlements were the canyons and river courses where deep soil and mostly reliable water supplies existed. Homesteaders often choose the moist, shady canyons with sycamores and there planted many familiar crop and orchard plants. Many of these settlements are gone, but the perennial plants remain. Little regeneration of domestic apple trees seems to be occurring so that eventually these trees will die out.

FRUIT: The edible portion represents an expanded hypanthium - an extension of the stem up and around the ovary (core).

UNARMED. No spines or thorns.

Rosaceae -- Rose Family

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