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Sweet Four O'Clock

Mirabilis longiflora

Sweet Four O'Clock, Mirabilis longiflora, © by Michael Plagens

Observed on a riparian stream terrace near Rio Rico in Santa Cruz Co., Arizona, USA. 1 August 2010.

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FLOWERS: The very long tubular Mirabilis longiflora flowers are white with conspicuous, port-wine colored stamen filaments. The flowers tend to open in the late afternoon and remain open overnight till the following morning. These flowers are pollinated by hawk moths, (Sphingidae), at night; they're the only insect with such a long, slender proboscis to reach the nectar in the base of the tube.

LEAVES: Narrowly heart-shaped leaves are dark green and opposite.

HERBACEOUS: A summer annual with typically a few meter-tall stems. Very often many plants are seen growing together.

RANGE: Open or shady areas adjacent to riparian habitats that are occasionally innundated and have deep accumulations of moist silt. Common in late summer into fall in canyon bottoms from Arizona to west Texas.

FRUIT: Dry, five angled capsules.


Nyctaginaceae -- Four O'Clock Family

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