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Oak Mistletoe

Phoradendron villosum
(P. coryae)

Phoradendron villosum photo © by Michael Plagens

This mistletoe was found growing from the branches of Shrub Live Oak in the Wickenburg Mountains, Yavapai Co., Arizona, USA. Dec. 2010.

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SHRUB: Parasitic shrub up to 80 cm tall with a root system (hausteria) extending directly into the branches and twigs of host.

LEAVES: The olive-green leaves are coated with minute hairs and are thick and leathery. Elyptic and quite thick with smooth margins.

RANGE: Hosts for this mistletoe are mostly various oak species, especially Quercus turbinella and Quercus arizonica. Together with these trees, distributed on sites not directly in creek beds and also well onto open semi-arid woodlands and chaparral. Recent taxonomic work is splitting the Pacific and interior oak mistletoes into separate species.

FLOWERS: Clumps of very small flowers from the leaf axils.

FRUIT: Berries become white with a rosy cast on maturity.

Viscaceae -- Mistletoe Family

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