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Choke Cherry

Prunus virginianum

Choke Cherry, Prunus virginianum, photo © by Michael Plagens

Common chokecherry found blooming at Peppersauce Canyon, Sta. Catalina Mts., Arizona. 18 April 2009.

TREE: Usually a small tree or shrubby thicket found in partly shady, well-watered canyons where deep soils have accumulated. Under ideal conditions mature trees reach a height of 6 meters. Bark has patches of smooth brown between between fissures and blisters.

LEAVES: Broadly elyptic, shiny leaves are distinctly serrated along the margins.

RANGE: A frequent associate of Arizona Sycamore in the riparian woodlands of Arizona. Widely distributed across much of North America.

FRUIT: Reddish or quite dark, small cherry with single seed.

FLOWERS: Spikes of white, five-petaled flowers each with many stamens. Blooming mid spring.


Juglandaceae -- Walnut Family

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