Mexican Cliff Rose

Purshia stansburyana
Cowania mexicana

Mexican Cliff Rose, Purshia mexicana, © by Michael Plagens

Found at Sunnyside Canyon, Huachuca Mountains, Cochise Co., Arizona, USA. 01 September 2012.

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Mexican Cliff Rose, Purshia stansburyana, © by Michael Plagens

Pine Mountain Wilderness, Yavapai Co., Arizona, USA. 20 April 2020.

LEAVES: Small, evergreen leaves are 3- to 5-lobed and are shiny, resinous. Crushed foliage emits terpene-like aroma.

FLOWERS: White or cream-colored flowers with five petals and numerous yellow stamens at center. Photo lower left.

SHRUB: Mature shrubs can be two meters wide and three high. Intricate branches are stiff, but unarmed.

RANGE: Frequent in many canyons and slopes often in dense stands. Patchy distribution across southwestern USA and northern Mexico.

FRUIT: The five or so free carpels from each flower develop long, conspicuous plumes.

UNARMED: No spines.

Rosaceae -- Rose Family

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