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Western Poison Ivy

Toxicodendron rydbergii
(Rhus radicans)

Photo © by Michael Plagens

Spring foliage is shiny green. Spring 2009.

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small clusters of flower on poison ivy are set close to the stem and appear in spring VINE: Rambling and often vine like. Occasionally short stems may be partially ascending without supporting surfaces.

LEAVES: Shiny, compound leaves are three parted. Change to characteristic sumac red in autumn.

RANGE: Fairly common in Sycamore woodlands particularly on shady embankments.

FRUIT: White berries.

FLOWERS: Inconspicuous whitish-yellow flowers. The small clusters are set close to the stem and appear in spring.

UNARMED. Leaves and stems produce resin that causes dermatitis in susceptible persons.

Anacardiaceae -- Sumac Family

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