Evergreen Sumac

Rhus virens

Evergreen Sumac, Rhus viren, photo © by Mike Plagens

Near Peña Blanca Lake, Pajarito Mountains, Arizona, USA. 25 Sept. 2016.

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LEAVES: The compound leaves are dark green and usually are pinnately compound with 5 to 9 pointed leaflets. Aromatic when crushed.

SHRUB: An evergreen shrub with several low branching stems from 1 to 3 m tall. Occasionally tree-like.

FLOWERS: Panicles of small cream-yellow flowers. Blooming late spring into summer.

RANGE: Evergreen Sumac occurs in Southeast Arizona's sycamore woodlands and on rocky slopes mostly at elevations above 1200 m elevation. Southeast of Tucson.

FRUIT: An elliptic berry with thin, sour flesh over a single hard seed. Ripening to deep orange by late summer.

UNARMED. No spines or thorns.

Anacardiaceae -- Sumac Family

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