Yew-leaf Willow

Salix taxifolia

Yew-leaf Willow, Salix taxifolia, © by Michael Plagens

Observed in Sycamore Canyon, Pajarito Mts., Sta Cruz Co., Arizona, USA. Sept 2016.

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LEAVES: The short, lance-shaped leaves are gray-green in color and are pubescent. The leaf margins are mostly entire - serrations obscure if any.

FLOWERS: Petal-less flowers in short, catkin like spikes. Large groups of small yellow-green flowers.

TREE: Usually a shrub but occasional examples are a medium sized tree.

RANGE: Found infrequently in riparian canyons near the border with Mexico.

FRUIT: The seed capsules burst open to release seeds with dense covering of long cottony fibers.


Salicaceae -- Willow Family

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