Solidago wrightii

Goldenrod, Solidago wrightii, photo © by Michael Plagens

Devil's Canyon, Pinal Co.., Arizona, USA. 14 September 2014.

FLOWERS: Narrow panicles of numerous small heads. Disc and ray florets bright yellow. Blooming late August and September.

LEAVES: The lance-shaped leaves are relatively broad and tend to have very short petioles.

leaf of solidago wrightii photo © by Michael Plagens
PERENNIAL: Above ground portions herbaceous; flowering stalks reaching 1-½ m tall.


RANGE: There are several kinds of goldenrod that might be found growing in and near sycamore-lined canyons in Arizona. Separating the species can be difficult because they are similar.

FRUIT: Small achenes with pappus of five or so bristles that are minutely barbed..

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