Hackberry Twig Borer

Agrilus lecontei

a brown buprestidae marked with white, Agrilus lecontei, photo © by Mike Plagens

Knocked from foliage of Hackberry, Sycamore Creek, Mazatzal Mountains, Maricopa Co., Arizona, USA. 22 May 2016. Length is about 4mm.

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Many, many species of Agrilus beetles can be found in Arizona. The best place to find them is on twigs or foliage of their host plants. They can be found occasionally on flowers where they feed on pollen or the petals. Most are about 3 to 7mm long with hardened elytra (first pair of wings). The head is distinctly blunt and the posterior tapered; the body over all is flattened. Most are drably colored in bronzy brown or black but reveal metalic sheen by rotating angle of incident light. The immature stage of this species is a wood-boring grub to be found inside dead or dying twigs of hackberry trees.

Buprestidae -- Metalic Wood-boring Beetle Family

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