Wingless Mantid

Bactromantis mexicana

a wingless female mantis, Bactromantis mexicana, photo © by Mike Plagens

Observed at night in Florida Canyon, Sta. Rita Mts, Arizona, USA. 30 July 2013.

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I observed this praying mantis late, on a very dark night. I am now curious as to how it finds its prey - if in deed it was hunting as it appeared to be doing. Most praying mantises are highly visual, sit and wait predators. The males, unlike the females, have wings and are capable of flight.

This species just barely finds its way into the USA along the southern boundary with Mexico and has an extensive range through tropical Mexico. The allure for biologists in Southeast Arizona is the likelihood of encountering some of the many exotic, tropical species at their northern limits.

Thespidae -- a Mantis Family

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