Digger Bee

Centris pallida

Centris bee from the Mazatzal Mountains, Arizona photo © by Mike Plagens

On an alluvial terrace at Sycamore Creek, Mazatzal Mts., Arizona, USA. 22 May 2016. It is busy digging out the nest tunnel at right.

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This female bee is in the process of excavating a long tunnel into the soil. She needs a spot loose enough to dig, but not subject to innundation. Eventually the tunnel will be divided into individual cells and each one will be provisioned with the nectar. pollen, and oils collected from flowers. Yes, oils - certain plants have close relationships with certain bees and produce oily substances that the bees can use and as reward for serving as pollinator. These are solitary bees, do not form colonies, and do not defend a hive by swarming. Male bees do not participate in nest building at all.

Apidae -- Bee Family

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