Western Red-bellied
Tiger Beetle

Cicindela sedecimpunctata

a tiger beetle with dark elytra with white spots, Cicindela sedecimpunctata, photo © by Mike Plagens

Observed in Florida Canyon, Sta. Rita Mountains, Arizona, USA. 31 July 2013.

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Western Red-bellied Tiger Beetle (the underside is iridescent bronzy-red). The fact that this insect, unlike most, has a recognized common name should tell you something. For observers of the insect world tiger beetles command special attention. Long sharp teeth on the mandibles are clearly those of a serious predator. The eyes are huge and the long slender legs can propel the beetle swiftly. Look for tiger beetles especially on damp, open soil near a stream crossing. But they are very wary and can quickly unfold wings from beneath the hard-shell elytra and fly several meters away when threatened. Many tiger beetle species exist in Arizona and will be sorted across the variety of open, seasonally wet habitats. The immature grubs make vertical tunnels in moist/loose soil capturing prey that wanders too close on the surface.

Carabidae -- Ground Beetle Family

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