Pea Rose Gall

Diplolepis sp.

rose leaf gall wasp, Diplolepis, Arizona photo © by Mike Plagens

This leaf gall was observed along Sycamore Creek, Pine Mountain Wilderness, Yavapai Co., Arizona. 19 Sept. 2015.

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The insect that caused this rose shrub to produce this swelling or gall is very small: a cynipid wasp smaller than many ants. The wasp and its larvae produced plant growth hormone mimics that upset the normal cell processes and the rose responded by building the wasp a room with board. There are several species of gall wasps in the genus Diplolepis, the exact species would require collection and then dissection by a specialist.

Cynipidae -- Gall Wasp Family

Host Plant - Rosa woodsii:

Wood's Rose

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