Imperial Moth

Eacles oslari

a Western Polyphemus, Antheraea oculea, photo © by M. Plagens

Observed in Madera Canyon, Sta. Cruz Co., Arizona, USA. 28 July 2013 at ultraviolet lights.

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The coloration of this giant silk moth is among my favorites. It reminds me of a ripe banana. The color shades can vary from much darker brown to lavender. The large green and spiney larvae have been found on various oak species and Western Soapberry.

Saturniidae -- Silk Moth Family

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light setup for collection of moths at night

If you happen to be driving through a dark, quiet canyon after the summer monsoon rains have started, you have a good chance of spotting an eerie purple light reflected from an old bed sheet. Huh? What's that? It's an ultraviolet light used by an entomologist to attract an amazing array of night-active insects.

Arizona Naturalist
Sycamore Canyons
Invertebrates in Arizona's Sycamore Canyons


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