A Selection of Spiders and other Arachnids
Arizona's Sycamore Canyons

Spiders and other arachnids are diverse and abundant in the Sycamore Woodlands of Arizona. Besides spiders there are also many species of mites, scorpions and harvestmen. This collection of photographs and descriptions will continue to grow especially during the summer months when warmer temperatures prevail.

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scorpion, Paravaejovis spinigerus

Stripe-tailed Scorpion

Rather heavily built. Stripes on underside of tail. Hides under rocks or dry dung. More ...

Pseudouroctonus apacheanus

Small Brown Scorpion

Hides under rocks by day. A uv light is easiest way to find at night. More ...

Spotted Orb Weaver

Spotted Orb Weaver

Large spider sits at center of orb by night, but ensconsed by daylight. More ...

Long-jawed Spider

Long-Jawed Spider

Also occurs in upland Sonoran Desert Orb webs are spun just over the water usually with the plane parallel to ground. Long slender body. Chelicerae long. More ...

Ground Crab Spider

Ground Crab Spider

Well camouflaged spiders that hunt without a web by sitting close to where prey might come. Tend to crawl sideways. More ...

Sosippus wolf spider

Ground Spider

Medium to small spiders that are often seen running very fast on ground. Doesn't use web to catch prey. More ...

a Wolf Spider

Rabid Wolf Spider

Four of the eight eyes in the anterior row are much larger. Ground hunter without a web. More ...

Pill Woodlouse

Funnel Wolf Spider

Unlike most wolf spiders this one uses a web to catch prey. But like wolf spiders this species cares for her young. More ...

leaf gall caused by mites, Eriophyidae

Walnut-Leaf Gall-Mite

Inside the red blister are many minute mites which direct the plant's growth. More ...

Celtis leaf gall caused by mites, Eriophyidae

Finger-Gall Mite

Inside these elongated galls on the underside of hackberry leaves are minute mites which direct the plant's growth. More ...

leaf gall caused by mites, Aceria negundo

Box Elder Gall Mite

Inside the warty blister are many minute mites which direct the plant's cancer-like growth. More ...

leaf gall caused by mites, Eriophyidae

Skunkbush Gall-Mite

Colorful galls on leaves of sumac. The mites inside a a fraction of a millimeter long. More ...

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