Oak Leaf Grasshopper

Tomonotus ferruginosus

oak leaf grasshopper, Tomonotus ferruginosus, from the Sta. Rita Mountains photo © by Mike Plagens

Observed in the riparian corridor of Florida Canyon, Sta. Rita Mts., Arizona, USA. 30 July 2013.

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Evergreen oak trees are a major component of the flora in riparian corridors in the canyons of Arizona. The tough leaves remain scattered on the ground throughout much of the year. Leaves are not very nutritious, especially for insectivorous birds, and so this grasshopper can often avoid detection so long as it remains still, moving only with a gust of wind as would a genuine leaf. If disturbed the grasshopper can jump and fly revealing a bright flash of color of red or orange that perhaps would help it escape.

Acrididae -- Grasshopper Family

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