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Palo Verde Root Borer

Derobrachus geminatus
Derobrachus hovorei

Root Borer, Derobrachus photo © by Mike Plagens

On warm summer nights from the Sonoran Desert up to the lower reaches of Ponderosa Woodlands these giant beetles take flight and often end up at lights as this one did at a cabin in Washington Park, Gila Co., Arizona. 8 Aug. 2016.

Cerambycidae -- Longhorn Beetle Family

From the low deserts up to the lower elevations of the ponderosa woodlands these giant beetles, emerge with the advent of warm summer temperatures. They are among the heaviest of flying insects in Arizona and generally do not take wing until after dark. They can live several years, but most of that time is spent as a larva (grub) hidden below ground while tunneling through the roots of trees, especially mesquite and palo verde. In the lower montane habitats they may be using oaks such as Gambel Oak.

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