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Fig-Eater Beetle

Cotinis mutabilis

Photo © by Ellen Levy Finch

Photo from image library at Wikipedia where there are many more photos of scarab beetles. This one was photographed in San Jose, California. License Information: cc-by-sa 2.5 license.

Scarabeidae -- Scarab Beetle Family

These large showy beetles go unnoticed most of the year while they grow in the form of large, white grubs within composting soil. The adult beetles emerge around the first day of summer in the Sonoran Desert, mostly in urban and agricultural areas. As their name implies they are partial to feeding on fruiting figs. They will also munch on flowers or leaves if they cannot locate fruit. Night flying Cotinis often show up at city lights. They are abundant in Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona but uncommon in desert regions due to lack of moist habitat.

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