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Sun Spider

Eremobates sp.


Photo © by Marcus Watson

This fearsome-looking predator was photographed by Marcus Watson in his yard near ,Maricopa Co., Arizona. It is about 40mm long.

Eremobatidae -- Straight-faced Solifugids

Solifugids are fast running, nocturnal arachnids that resemble something intermediate between a scorpion and a spider, thus the alternate common name, sun spider. The cephalothorax (fused head and thorax) is most conspicuous as a front-end crushing device. Indeed most any arthropod the solfugid encounters is at once converted into macerated food and the liquid extracted. Scorpions happen to be a favorite prey - solfugids work so fast the scorpion rarely has time to even attempt a sting. Solfugids do not sting, however a slight pinch can be delivered to human handlers. Hunting the ground beneath electric lights has become a favored tactic for solfugid. Solfugids are quite common across the Sonoran Desert. There are many described species.

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