Lined June Beetle


Polyphylla sp. June beetle photo © by Mike Plagens

Attracted to light at Romero Canyon, Sta. Catalina Mts., Pima Co., Arizona. 30 July 2016.

Scarabaeidae -- Scarab Beetle Family

Lined June Beetles are among the more conspicuous of the scarab beetles. First they are large up to 25mm or more long. When picked up they produce a loud hissing sound by passing air through their spiracles (respiratory openings). The antennae are very large with a complex series of lamellae. The longitudinal lines may be faint or much brighter depending on the species. There are several lined june beetle species that might be found in the riparian areas of the Sonoran Desert. They emerge at night after the start of the summer rains and often flight to electric lights. The immature stage is a grub found among decaying wood, roots or vegetation.

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