Stripe-tailed Scorpion

Vaejovis spinigerus

Photo © by Mike Plagens

This arachnid was found in a quiescent, hibernation-like state beneath a rock in the Phoenix Mountains Preserve, Maricopa Co., Arizona, USA. 26 Dec. 2008. Identification was made by Kari M McWest.

Vaejovidae -- a Scorpion Family

Although the sting of this very common scorpion is reportedly quite painful, it is not dangerous and the harm soon vanishes. Stripe-tailed Scorpions are very unlikely to be found inside human dwellings - the habitat is simply too dry and besides these scorpions are not good climbers like Arizona Bark Scorpion (Centruroides sculpturatus), which does inhabit houses. Stripe-tails prey on various arthropods that they find beneath rocks or cattle dung. Termites are an important prey item.

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