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Sand Pygmy-weed

Crassula connata
syn. (Tillaea erecta)

Sand Pygmy Weed, Crassula connata, photo by Michael Plagens

Photographed near Robbins Butte, Maricopa Co., Arizona. March 8, 2008. A higher resolution photograph has been added to Wikimedia Commons. The ink pen is for scale comparison.

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ANNUAL: Minute, succulent herb grows in patches along desert washes after spring and summer rains. Soon changes from green to coral red.

LEAVES: Leaves are paired at each node and are joined across the stem, i.e. they are perfoliate.

RANGE: Fairly common in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona and Mexico, however its very small size may leave it unnoticed.

FRUIT: Dry several-seeded capsules encircled by winged bracts.

FLOWERS: Several small flowers clustered at each leaf node. Greenish-red with four sepals and four petals.

UNARMED. Without spines/thorns.

Crassulaceae -- Stonecrop Family

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scanned image from fresh specimen

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