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Sonoran Desert Stonecrops

Mostly perennial herbs. Many are succulent plants. Showy flowers with five or more petals. Several species are native to the Sonoran Desert.

Rock Echeveria

Dudleya saxosa

Sand Pygmy-weed

Crassula connata

Photo by © Mike Plagens

Rosette of succulent leaves, corral pink stalks of yellow flowers. Found on hillsides that are partially shaded and have good moisture retention ... for example, highly weathered igneous rocks. Fairly common in the Sonoran Desert.   Detailed Description

Scan image by Mike Plagens

Minute herb growing in sandy washes and turning reddish on maturity. Leaves opposite on stem and perfoliate. Common in the Sonoran Desert.   Detailed Description

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Chalk Dudleya

Dudleya pulverulenta

Photo by © Mike Plagens

Rosy-white leaves and stems with chalky wax covering. Yellow flowers on tall yellow stalks. Rare and protected. Look on partially shaded slopes in low elevation mountains. Detailed Description

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