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Hairy Prairie Clover

Dalea mollis

Dalea mollis, hairy prairie clover, photo © by Michael Plagens

Observed at a roadside near the Muggin's Mountains, Yuma Co., Arizona on January 2010.

FLOWERS: The very small, pale lavender to purple flowers are borne in many-flowered, hairy, plume-like spikes.

HERB: Usually a low-growing, mat-forming herb. Vegetative growth remains close to the soil boundary layer. Growth and flowering spring to early summer.

FRUIT: One small seed inside a very small pod.

LEAVES: Compound leaves with usu. about 10 small leaflets. Under good magnification small glands are visible and the crushed folliage is pungent.

RANGE: Found in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona and California and also Mexico.


Fabaceae -- Bean Family

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