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Yerba de Tago

Eclipta prostrata

Photo © Michael Plagens

Observed growing in damp soil at margin of the Salt River in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Oct. 2009.

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HERB: Low growing herb of damp soils spreading prostrate on ground.

FRUIT: As the small flower heads mature a button of green achenes grows to resemble a miniature sunflower head.

FLOWER: Center florets are white and the surrounding, white ray florets are very short and also white. Head dia. about 1 cm. Flowering from late spring through fall.

LEAVES: Narrowly triangular to linear leaves with an acute tip. Covered with short, stiff hairs.

RANGE: In the Sonoran Desert this plant is usu. considered a weed and is fairly common in wet soils near lawns or agricultural fields. Otherwise found in warm temperate and tropical places around the World. It widespread distribution stems in part from the medicinal uses attributed to it.


Asteraceae -- Sunflower Family

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