Sonoran Desert Asters - Flowers White

Annuals, perennials and shrubs with flowers in heads that may have white disc and/or ray flowers. Some flowering heads may appear yellow due to abundance of pollen. Some species have male and female flowers in separate heads or even on separate plants. Usually insect pollinated and mostly not a source of hay fever.

Esteve's Pincushion

Chaenactis stevioides

Spreading Fleabane

Erigeron divergens

Spring annual. Heads entirely of star-shaped disc florets with perimeter florets often larger. Common on rocky slopes and desert flats. Detailed Description

Spring annual with abundant reflexed or spreading hairs on foliage. Many 10 cm dia. daisy-heads. 100+ narrow white to purple rays. Washes and roadsides. Detailed Description

Pebble Pincushion

Chaenactis carphoclinia


Layia glandulosa

Spring annual mostly growing in open, desert pavement areas. Phyllary tips long-pointed and marginal florets little, if at all enlarged. Present only in years with good rain. Stems and bracts sometimes with short rusty hairs. Detailed Description

Perfect daisy on a delicate spring herbaceous plant. Sandy soils in mid to upper elevations of the Sonoran Desert. Blooms in mid spring. Detailed Description

Desert Chicory

Rafinesquia neomexicana

White Tackstem

Calycoseris wrightii

Spring annual with white strap shaped florets. Leaves linear segmented. Conspicuous glands on stems below head. Sonoran Desert in years with good rain. Detailed Description

Spring annual often growing up among woody shrubs and gaining support from them. All florets bear strap-shaped corollas. Leaves lobed or just toothed. Common across the Sonoran Desert in years with good rain. Detailed Description

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White Easterbonnets

Antheropeas lanosum

Yerba de Tago

Eclipta prostrata

Ephemeral spring annual just a few centimeters tall. Leaves and involucre wooly. White rays and yellow disc.   Detailed Description

Low herb with small white flowers growing prostrate on ground. Damp soil near rivers, agriculture or in lawns. Detailed Description

Hairy Horseweed

Conyza bonariensis


Conyza canadensis

Leaves fuzzier than typical horseweed and able to grow under much drier conditions. Very small florets in small head. Seeds with fluffy pappus. Detailed Description

Weedy annual found in gardens and unmown lawns. Generally restricted to irrigated ground in the Sonoran Desert. Detailed Description

Wright's Thimblehead

Hymenothrix wrightii

Loomis' Thimblehead

Eclipta prostrata

Tall perennial herb with pin-cushion heads of white florets and purple stamens. Summer and Fall. Detailed Description

Tall perennial of late summer/fall, growing and blooming after summer rains. Upper Sonoran Desert. Detailed Description

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