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Wright's Thimblehead

Hymenothrix wrightii

Hymenothrix wrightii inflorescences photo © Michael Plagens

Among roadside vegetation along Seven Springs Road north of Carefree, Maricopa Co., Arizona, USA. Oct. 2009.

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HERB: Tall perennial herb appearing mostly in summer and fall after adequate monsoon rains. Plants are frequently in the range of 1-½ meter tall.

FLOWER: Heads are composed entirely of white disc florets, but the florets have five, long lobes each that may appear like small rays. In addition the stamens are noticeably purple. Head dia. about 1½ cm. Flowering from late spring through fall.

RANGE: In the Sonoran Desert this plant tends to occur at mid to upper elevations and is more common towards the east and into the Chihuahuan Desert.

FRUIT: The pappus on the seeds have a series of scales tipped with bristles.

LEAVES: Finely disected leaves have segments about a millimeter wide. The leaf margins curled under.


Leaves of Hymenothrix wrightii © Michael Plagens

Asteraceae -- Sunflower Family

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