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Velvet-leaf Gaura

Gaura mollis
(Gaura parviflora)

Velvetweed, Gaura mollis, photo © Michael Plagens

Observed in a moist flood basin in Glendale, Maricopa Co., Arizona, USA. June 2011.

FLOWERS: Small, rather inconspicuous, pale, pink flowrs have the usual four petals arranged to one side of the flower. Also notice the notch in the petals that is characteristic of many evening primroses. Some plants have pinker flowers, others paler. The stamens are long, excerted. Tall spikes with many flowers may have the top portion nodding over.

ANNUAL : A late spring annual found in moist soil near riparian areas or along ditch banks. Plants may reach two meters in height under ideal conditions.

leaves of Velvetweed, Gaura mollis, photo © Michael Plagens

LEAVES: Leaves rather large (some > 8cm long) towards the base of plant but progressively smaller towards top. Soft and usually with sticky pubesence.

RANGE: In the Sonoran Desert this plant is restricted to moist or riparian habitats. Otherwise it is widely distributed in North America.

FRUIT: Small, hard capsules borne below the petals and sepals of the flower.


Onagraceae -- Evening Primrose Family

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