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Sonoran Desert Evening Primroses

Annual or perennial herbs. Distinctive flower structure: 8 stamens, 4-parted stigma and ovary below the flower. Many with showy flowers. Many species.

Pale-yellow Suncup

Camissonia pallida

California Suncup

Camissonia californica

Photo © by Michael Plagens

Spring annual of mid to upper Sonoran Desert. Flowers pale yellow and fruits often coiled.    Detailed Description

Photo by Laurie Nessel

Spring annual of the Sonoran Desert on rocky slopes and wash banks. Flowers small but v. bright yellow. Leaves, especially on pre-flowering plants splotched with red.    Detailed Description

Booth's Suncup

Camissonia boothii

Brown-eyed Evening Primrose

Camissonia claviformis

Photo © by Michael Plagens

Spring annual of western Sonoran Desert with nodding spikes of white flowers with red stems and buds. Leaves entire, elyptic.   Detailed Description

Photo © by Michael Plagens

Spring annual of Sonoran Desert with nodding clusters of white or yellowish flowers. Hypanthium is reddish-brown. Leaves pinnately divided.   Detailed Description

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Desert Evening Primrose

Oenothera primiveris

Yellow Sun Cup

Camissonia brevipes

Photo © by Michael Plagens

Low-growing, spring annual with four, delicate, cordate (heart-shaped) yellow petals. Leaves in a basal rosette.   Detailed Description

Photo © by Michael Plagens

Four yellow petals. Buds nodding. Leaves in a basal rosette. Western Sonoran Desert into Mojave Desert.   Detailed Description

Hooker's Evening Primrose

Oenothera elata

Tufted Evening Primrose

Oenothera caespitosa

Oenothera elata photo © by Michael Plagens

Tall summer perennial with large yellow flowers. Grows along riparian habitat in canyons.   Detailed Description

Photo by Mike Plagens

Perennial herb without verticle stem. Leaves and flowers emerging from near ground level. Large white flowers. Fade to pink by mid morning. Detailed Description

Hummingbird Trumpet

Epilobium canum

Dune Evening Primrose

Oenothera deltoides

Photo by Kurt Stueber

Perennial herb of damp, shady places, i.e. deep canyons. Red tubular flowers with four lobes. Leaves alternate. Stems NOT four-angled. Detailed Description

Photo by Mike Plagens

Grows on deep sandy soils western Arizona and California. Low growing, herbaceous spring annual. Photo by Steve Ganley. Detailed Description

Velvet Leaf Gaura

Gaura mollis

Floating Water Primrose

Ludwigia peploides

Photo by Mike Plagens

Very small pink flowers on a tall weeping spike (Lizard Tail). Elyptic leaves with soft hairs. Detailed Description

Photo by Mike Plagens

Grows in shallow water at edges of ponds or marshes forming tangled, floating mats. Detailed Description

Long-capsule Suncup

Camissonia chamaenerioides

Photo by Mike Plagens

These are small plants and the flowers are even smaller. Just a few cm tall and flower maybe 2 mm across! Leaves red-spotted. Detailed Description

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