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Hummingbird Trumpet

Epilobium canum
(Zauschneria californica)

Photo © Kurt Stueber

Observed along Camp Creek in Maricopa Co., Arizona, Oct. 2009. Habitat was mesquite bosque/riparian corridor boundary.

FLOWER: Bright red, long, tubular flowers attended by hummingbirds. There are four lobes and each has a distinct notch at the tip giving the appearance of four sets of two lobes. Mostly blooming late summer into autumn.

PERENNIAL HERB: Above ground entirely herbaceous from a perennial root stock.

LEAVES: Elyptic  leaves have nearly smooth margins and are mostly alternate but may be opposite on lower stems.

RANGE: Uncommon in the Sonoran Desert. Found in moist, shady canyons mostly above 900 m elevation. In partial shade of trees of cliff faces.

FRUIT: Long-beaked capsules develop below the flower calyx/petals (inferior ovary).


Onagracaceae -- Evening Primrose Family

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