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Bigelow's Monkeyflower

Mimulus bigelovii

Bigelow's Monkeyflower, Mimulus bigelovii, photo © by Michael Plagens

Photographed in the Colorado Desert portion of Joshua Tree National Park, California, USA. 01 May 2010.

RANGE: This ephemeral plant is common in the Mojave Desert from northwest Arizona into California. It is also found in the Colorado Desert, a subunit of the Sonoran, of southeastern California. It grows in sandy washes with gravel that is seasonally damp.

FLOWERS: Magenta-pink flowers are large compared to the diminutive size of the plant. In the throat of the flowers there is golden yellow and usually also a maroon spot to each side. Blooming mostly in spring, but only in years with generous rainfall.

ANNUAL: Spring annual mostly less than 20 cm tall; generally growing erect and with conspicuous hirsuteness.

LEAVES: Leaves are lanceolate and like the stems and sepals they are covered with soft hairs. The leaves are opposite on stems.

FRUIT: Dry capsule with a number of seeds.


Scrophulariaceae -- Figwort Family

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