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Sonoran Desert Snapdragons

Mostly perenial and annual herbs; few shrubs and vines. Mostly with showy, two-lipped flowers. Fruit a capsule with many seeds.

Parry's Beard-tongue

Penstemon parryi

Owl's Clover

Castilleja exserta

Photo © by Mike Plagens

Showy perennial blooming in springtime with bright pink flowers. Southeastern Sonoran Desert, esp. near Tucson. Often planted in xeriscapes. Detailed Description

Photo by Mike Plagens

Showy flowers of wet springs on the desert. Dense spikes of magenta flowers. Spotty distribution. Detailed Description

Desert Beard-tongue

Penstemon pseudospectabilis

Hackberry Beard-tongue

Penstemon subulatus

Photo © by Mike Plagens

Perennial with shrubby base. Tough leaves joined across stems forming cuplike basins. Flowers very pink. Blooming in spring. Rocky bajadas and high on wash banks. Detailed Description

Photo © by Mike Plagens

Herbaceous perennial with scarlet, long-tubular flowers in spring. Leaves and stems without hairs. Canyons and high on wash banks. Detailed Description

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Lesser Indian Paintbrush

Castilleja minor

Cardinal Monkeyflower

Mimulus cardinalis

Photograph © by Mike Plagens

Scarlet red bracts partially enclose the narrow, pale yellow flower. Occurs in canyons with partial shade and moist soils. Detailed Description

Photograph by Mike Plagens

Perennial herb restricted to springs/seeps. Bright red flowers are two-lipped, with four long stamens and a long exserted style. Detailed Description

Wavyleaf Indian Paintbrush

Castilleja applegatei

Seep Monkey Flower

Mimulus guttatus

Photograph © by Mike Plagens

Sonoran Desert populations with red flowers, glandular-hair leaves, and leaf margins normally wavy. Highest elevations of the Sonoran Desert on rocky slopes and cliff sides. Detailed Description

Mimulus guttatus © by Mike Plagens

Spring to early summer annual growing in wet, sandy soil along intermitent streams. Yellow, bilaterally symmetrical flowers. Calyx expands after flowering. Opposite, ovate to elyptic leaves. Detailed Description

Downy Monkeyflower

Mimetanthe pilosa

Bigelow's Monkeyflower

Mimulus bigelovii

Photograph © by Mike Plagens

Small, annual growing in damp sand of desert washes appearing mid to late spring in the Sonoran Desert. Leaves with soft, white hairs. Yellow two-lipped flowers with maroon-red spots. Detailed Description

Mimulus guttatus © by Mike Plagens

Mojave Desert plant found also in sandy washes of the Colorado Desert of s.e. California. After wet winters. Detailed Description

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