Sonoran Desert Ferns & Allies

Xeriphytic, i.e. able to withstand dry conditions, mostly small ferns growing in shady damp microhabitats on rocky mountains.

Standley Cloak Fern

Notholaena standleyi

Parry's Lip Fern

Cheilanthes parryi

Photo by Mike Plagens

The fronds form a neat pentagon. The undersides have bright yellow, waxy hairs. Detailed Description

Photo by Stan Shebs

The fronds are divided into small, bead-like segments. Upper and lower surfaces with whitish hairs. This photo by Stan Shebs is hosted at Wikimedia     Detailed Description


Pellaea truncata

Coville's Lip Fern

Cheilanthes covillei

Photo © by Mike Plagens

The leaves are twice compound and shiny bue-gray. Grows from steep cliffs in the mountains. Hard to locate except after periods of rainfall.   Detailed Description

Photo © by Mike Plagens

The fronds are divided into tiny, dark green, bead-like segments. Brownish scales on underside of each segment.    Detailed Description

Wavy Cloak Fern

Astrolepis sinuata

Arizona Spike Moss

Sellaginella arizonica

Photo © by Mike Plagens

Long fronds with narrowly oval leaflets that have the margins broadly crenulate. Dark green above. Detailed Description

Photo © by Mike Plagens

Not a fern and not a moss. Ancient lineage of vascular plants. Forms mats from crevices in rocks usu. on mountain slopes.  Detailed Description


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