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Salvia columbariae

Photo by Stan Shebs

Photographed in in Palm Canyon, California, taken March 2005 by Wikimedia User:Stan Shebs. Full resolution photo is hosted at Wikimedia where there are additional images of Salvia species.

FLOWERS: Deep blue-purple flowers are two-lipped and are clustered into capitate inflorescences arranged in a verticle tier. Blooming mostly February to April.

RANGE: Common throughout the Sonoran Desert of Arizona and also in the Mojave and Chihuahuan Deserts; absent in drought years.

LEAVES: - Pinnately parted leaves have a crinkled texture and are mostly basal - arranged around stem close to soil level.

SEEDS: Each flower produces four, 2 mm dia. nutlets as the ovary splits.

SPRING ANNUAL: Grows well especially in sandy washes to a height of 40 cm.


Lamiaceae -- Mint Family

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