Sonoran Desert Mints

Annuals, perennials and shrubs. Stems often four-angled and leaves opposite. Flowers often clustered around the stem and usually two-lipped (bilaterally symetrical). Perianth five-parted. Fruit with four nutlets.

Desert Lavendar

Condea (Hyptis) emoryi

Texas Betony

Stachys coccinea

Watercolor © by Michael Plagens

Large shrubs with pale lavender flowers common along desert washes and canyons in the Sonoran Desert. Detailed Description

Perennial herbs with scarlet red flowers. Found at localized wet places in the Sonoran Desert. Detailed Description

Bladder Sage

Salazaria mexicana


Salvia columbariae

Salazaria mexicanus Watercolor © by Michael Plagens

Medium shrubs with vivid purple and white flowers. Fruit is contained inside an enlarged papery sac. Found along desert washes in the western portions of the Sonoran Desert. Detailed Description

Salvia columbarie Photo © Wikimedia User StanShebs

Spring annual with vivid blue-purple flowers on a distinctive tiered stem. Common especially in sandy soils across the Sonoran and Mojave Deserts. Detailed Description

Mexican Skullcap

Scutellaria potosina


Marrubium vulgare

Mostly herbaceous plant about a meter tall with deep purple flowers. Calyx has green cap-like appendage. Eastern portions of the Sonoran Desert at higher elevations. Detailed Description

Textured leaves emit horehound flavor. Found mostly in partial shade in disturbed areas along riparian streams. Small white flowers. Detailed Description

Mock Pennyroyal

Hedeoma nana


Lamium amplexicaule

Low-growing, mostly herbaceous with many stems an small purple flowers. Detailed Description

Small mint with lavender flowers. Fan-shaped sculptured leaf. Detailed Description

Small Coastal Germander

Teucrium cubense

A small plant of spring, growing in shady spots. Terminal spikes of very small flowers are pale blue. Detailed Description

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