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Texas Betony
Scarlet Hedgenettle

Stachys coccinea

Photo © by Michael Plagens

Photographed at Haunted Canyon, east of Superstition Mts., Gila Co., Arizona. Oct. 26, 2002. A denizen of wet springy places in the Sonoran Desert.

FLOWER: Bright red, two-lipped flowers attended by hummingbirds.

PERENNIAL HERB: Above ground entirely herbaceous from a perennial root stock.

LEAVES: Elyptic to deltoid leaves have serrated margins and are opposite on stems. Also note the stems that are square in cross-section, a common trait of the mint family.

RANGE: Uncommon in the Sonoran Desert. Found in moist, shady canyons mostly above 900 m elevation.

FRUIT: Dry capsules with usu. four nutlets.


Lamiaceae -- Mint Family

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