Rosy-faced Lovebird
(Peach-faced Lovebird)

Agapornis roseicollis

Photo © by Michael Plagens

Photo taken at Grenada Park, Phoenix, Arizona, USA. November 2019.

This exotic parrot is desert adapted, but adapted to the Namibian Desert in southwestern Africa. Escapes from the pet trade have established populations in the urban areas of metropolitan Phoenix where they nest in the crowns of California Fan Palms or Saguaro Cactus holes and subsist on various seeds and fruits. They are quite common in parts of Mesa, Phoenix and Gilbert. Interestingly, they have not established in natural desert or riparian habitats.

On 24 April 2018 I observed a group of four lovebirds feeding on flowers and nascent seed pods of Blue Palo Verde. This is a food item also eaten by verdins and house finches.

Year-round Resident

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