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Anna's Hummingbird

Calypte anna

This male was photographed in Patagonia, Arizona and is on Wikimedia User:Mdf.

Photo © by Mike Plagens

There were three females trying to monopolize a single fruit on this saguaro at North Mountain Park in Phoenix, Arizona.

These hummingbirds are now the most common species seen in gardens and at backyard feeders in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona. Prior to the 1960's they were mostly only a temporary resident during the winter months - the remainder of the year their permanent home was coastal Southern California. The popularity of feeders no doubt has played a role in this population shift.

Photo © by Mike Plagens

Adult female observed in Phoenix, Arizona, February 2009. Notice that there are a few flecks of irridescent feathers on the chin.

Year-round Resedent

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