Point-leaf Manzanita

Arctostaphylos pungens

Point-leaf Manzanita, Arctostaphylos pungens, © by Michael Plagens

Adjacent to upper Sycamore Creek, Mazatzal Mts., Maricopa Co., Arizona, USA. September 2013.

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Arctostaphylos flower with hole cut into side

Ripe fruit observed in Florida Canyon, Sta. Rita Mts., Arizona. July 30, 2013.

SHRUB: Evergreen shrub up to 3 m tall. Woody branches with smooth red bark.

FLOWERS: Groups of pendulous, urn-shaped flowers are white or pale pink.

LEAVES: Leaves are simple, smooth-margined, alternate. Young leaves covered with short hairs that get rubbed off with age.

RANGE: Distributed mostly in chaparral and piñon-juniper habitats but also on drier soils within sycamore woodlands.

FRUIT: Spherical, orange-red berries with several seeds.

UNARMED. However, the intricate branches are very stiff and readily repel penetration.

Ericaceae -- Heather Family

Arctostaphylos flower with hole cut into side

This flower has a neat little hole cut into the side of the urn-shaped corolla. A bee made it to get at the nectar in the base. The tongue-like mouthparts of many bees are simply not long enough to reach into the open top. By robbing the nectar this way the bees are bypassing the pollination mechanism.

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Manzanita Aphid Leaf Gall

Manzanita Gall Aphid

Bright red galls on leaves of Manzanita contain aphids in the genus Tamalia. More ...

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