Jewel Scarab

Chrysina beyeri

a scarab beetle, Chrysina beyeri, photo © by Mike Plagens

Sunnyside Canyon, Huachuca Mts., Arizona, USA. 02 Sept. 2012.

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Jewel Scarabs, because of their incredible beauty, have garnered a lot of attention from naturalists, photographers and collectors.

The specimen shown here was dead, of natural causes. The life as a beautiful adult jewel scarab is short, probably less than one month during the summer rains. By September most have exhausted the fat reserves accumulated during their larva stage and are well on their way towards being recycled by nature. What was left of its beauty is preserved here - even more fantastic examples can be found by following the images link below. The larvae are large white grubs which feed within rotting logs - exquisite recyclers themselves. The Madrean Sky Island woodland ecosystems must be preserved and collectors should limit their 'take' so that these gems of the insect world can continue in the wild.

Scarabaeidae -- Scarab Beetle Family

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