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Soft-winged Flower Beetle

Attalus sp.

Photo © by Michael Plagens

This beetle was observed in the Superstition Mountains Wilderness on 03 May 2009. It is upon a fruiting stem of Twinberry (Menodora scabra).

Melyridae -- Soft-winged Flower Beetle Family

These small (2 to 5 mm), colorful beetles occur on a variety of plants, particularily those that are in flower. Their feeding activity as adult beetles is concentrated in the the flowers where it appears their main food is pollen and some nectar. There are many species and the full story as to how the larvae mature as grubs, on what and where they feed, and their seasonal occurance are facts still awaiting discovery by attentive naturalists.

The genus name Attalus is shared with an ancient Greek ruler of Pergamon.

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