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Sonoran Desert Sedges

Grass-like plants usu. from underground perennial tubers. Flowering stems triangular in cross section. Flowers crowded on panicle spikes without showy petals. Papyrus is a sedge that is often planted as an ornamental in urban gardens of the Sonoran Desert.

Purple Nut Sedge

Cyperus rotundus


Scirpus acutus

Photo by Wikipedia User Rickjpelleg

Grass-like weed of wet soils such as lawns and irrigated agricultural fields in the Sonoran Desert. Occas. in riparian habitats. Photograph is hosted at Wikimedia where there are more photos of sedge species.     Detailed Description

Photo by Mike Plagens from Kearney Lake

Robust pond and marsh plant with tall stems, trangular in cross section. Tip extended into sharp point. Detailed Description

Umbrella Plant

Cyperus involucratus

Photo by Mike Plagens from along the Verde River

The inflorescence is subtended by a radial array of slightly ascending bracts forming an inverted cone. Detailed Description

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