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Sonoran Desert Four O'Clocks

Mostly herbaceous annuals and perennials; some subshrubs. Bougainvilla is a large cultivated shrub in urban settings in the Sonoran Desert. Leaves are generally opposite and unequal in size. The stems are typically forked - repeatedly branching into two parts. Flowers usu. have just one whorl of sepals which are colored like petals (most flowers have green sepals and colored petals).

Bigelow's Four O'Clock

Mirabilis bigelovii

Trailing Four O'Clock

Allionia incarnata

Mirabilis bigelovii watercolor © by Michael Plagens

Grows usu. under shade of trees and shrubs clambering up and through. Sticky leaves. Detailed Description

Photo by Stan Shebs

Grows usu. prostrate on soil - often sandy soil. Sticky leaves. Detailed Description

Sand Verbena

Abronia villosa

Angel's Trumpets

Acleisanthes longiflora

Abronia villosa photo by Mike Plagens

Sandy areas of the western Sonoran Desert and on into the Mojave Desert. Cluster of pink flowers in mid spring on ground-hugging plant with dark green leaves and reddish stems. Detailed Description

Acleisanthes longiflora photo by Mike Plagens

Uncommon perennial with crepuscular flowers. White with extraordinarily long tube. Blooms late summer and fall. Dark green trinagular leaves. Detailed Description

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Climbing Wortclub

Boerhavia scandens

Colorado Four O'Clock

Mirabilis multiflora

Pen & Ink © by Michael Plagens

Long thin stems clamber up and through shrubs. Uncommon. Flowers small, in umbels. Detailed Description

Photo © by Michael Plagens

Large showy flowers on leafy plant. Mostly at upper elevations in Sonoran Desert. Detailed Description.

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Boerhavia intermedia

Scarlet Spiderling

Boerhavia coccinea

Boerhavia intermedia photo by Mike Plagens

Grows as weed along roads and in urban lots. Flowers small and pink. Intricately branched. Detailed Description

Boerhavia coccinea photo by Michael Plagens

Sprawling summer annual, often weedy, with small buttons of bright red flowers. Detailed Description.

Scarlet Four-O'Clock

Mirabilis coccinea

Mirabilis coccinea photo by Mike Plagens

Upper Sonoran Desert in transition to more wooded zones. Two or three flowers per involucre. Leaves opposite and fleshy. Detailed Description

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