Sonoran Desert Buckwheats

Shrubs, perennials and annuals. Most have flowers with sepals/petals in multiples of three. Fruit also are three-sided. Sepals often pinkish or yellow. Many, many species, just a few shown here (for now ... ).

Wright's Buckwheat

Eriogonum wrightii

Flat-topped Buckwheat

Eriogonum fasciculatum

Perennial or slightly woody shrub. Flowers pinkish white appearing spring and early fall. Leaves elliptic, silvery. Fairly common on rocky bajadas at mid to upper elevations of the Sonoran Desert. Detailed Description

Woody shrub at upper elevations of the Sonoran Desert - also common in chaparral habitat. Numerous white-pink flowers in flat-topped pincushion arrangement. Elliptical to almost linear leaves fascicled in clusters at stem nodes.      Detailed Description

Desert Trumpet

Eriogonum inflatum

Skeleton Weed

Eriogonum deflexum

Tall stems with inflated, trumpet shape support numerous, widely spaced yellow flowers. Leaves are all basal. Common along washes and on rocky slopes.   Detailed Description

Roundish leaves at ground level supporting a highly branched inflorescence with whitish flowers at branch tips. Common in sandy, disturbed soil. Detailed Description

Little Desert Trumpet

Eriogonum trichopes

Similar to Desert Trumpet but stems not swollen and plants smaller, mostly annual. Flowers yellow. Detailed Description

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Brittle Spine Flower

Chorizanthe brevicornu

Devil's Spineflower

Chorizanthe rigida

Annual herb emerging in spring after good rains. Small flowers obscured by set of six, hooklike bracts. Intricately branched stems becoming reddish and brittle.     Detailed Description

Annual of spring that persists through most of year as a curiously branched and spiny skeleton. Small - usu. less than 15 cm tall. Small yellowish flowers.     Detailed Description


Rumex hymenosepalus

Curly Dock

Rumex crispus

Perennial herb emerging in early spring within deep alluvium near desert washes and riparian streams. Large leaves and upright spikes of green and reddish flowers and fruits.      Detailed Description

Weedy plant of agricultural setting or other moist, disturbed soil. The leaf margins strongly wavy or "crisped". Detailed Description

Curlytop Knotweed

Polygonum lapathifolium

Abert's Wild Buckwheat

Eriogonum abertianum

Upright annual herb of wet soils in riparian habitat and also agricultural areas. Numerous small white flowers on nodding spikes.      Detailed Description

Late spring and summer annual mostly in the upper elevations of the Sonoran Desert. Flowers white or pale yellow. Stems and leaves hirsute.   Detailed Description

Spotted Ladysthumb

Polygonum persicaria


Pterostegia drymarioides

Narrow spikes of pinkish flowers on weak stemmed weed in gardens or along wet canyons. Bristles on sheath margins. Detailed Description

Inconspicuous and uncommon springtime herb that looks superficially like chickweed. Oddly two-lobed leaves.      Detailed Description


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